Applegrove Primary School

Applegrove Primary School receives National Nurturing Schools Award

Applegrove Primary School has been awarded the prestigious National Nurturing Schools Award. The award recognises the school’s dedication to creating a caring and supportive environment for all its pupils.

The journey towards the achievement began in 2020 under the leadership of Head Teacher Heather Murray and class teacher Erin Fraser. They both joined the National Nurturing Schools Programme to foster a caring culture at Applegrove.

Despite challenges during the pandemic, all training was conducted online with the help of Nurture UK. Miss Murray and Mrs Fraser shared their training with the entire staff, making sure everyone knew how to support pupils in this way.

The award highlights that every classroom at Applegrove provides a nurturing environment. This includes calm corners and worry monsters to help children feel safe and manage their emotions.

Over the past two years, the school has seen significant improvements in the social, emotional, and behavioural needs of the students.

Head Teacher, Heather Murray, said: “We’re so excited to receive this award. It shows the hard work of our staff and students, and the whole school community. Our nurturing environment helps every child feel valued and supported, which is very important for their growth and happiness. The nurturing approach has made Applegrove a more supportive and inclusive place overall.”

Class Teacher, Erin Fraser, added: “Working together with our students and their families has been a wonderful experience. Seeing the positive changes in our students’ well-being and behaviour is incredibly rewarding.”

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