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Applications for council homes to pause while new online service is introduced

APPLICATIONS for council homes in Moray are being paused from 18 March.

The Apply4Homes partnership, made up of Moray Council, Grampian, Hanover, Langstane, Blackwood and Osprey is disbanding. Applicants will need to apply to each individual landlord for housing, and Moray Council’s waiting list will not accept new applications from 19 March until 19 April.

From 19 April, all applicants need to register their application on the new platform – called Housing Online.

Allocations will still be made from the waiting list between 19 March and 19 April, and paper forms are available for anyone with an urgent housing need (homeless) during this period. Home exchanges can still be requested through Apply4Homes on an ongoing basis.

Moray Council is writing to the 3,500 applicants currently on the waiting list outlining the next steps. Letters will arrive mid-April and applicants are urged to follow instructions carefully as taking no action will mean their application will be removed.

Moray Council’s Head of Housing and Property, Moray MacLeod, said: “We’re communicating directly with all 3,500 applicants on the waiting list, so everyone will receive a walk-through of the steps they need to take to register their housing application on the new system. I’d urge applicants to do this as soon as possible after 19 April, to ensure their application remains valid.”

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