24 Jun 2020

Birth registrations to recommence next week

BIRTH registrations in Moray will recommence next week.

In late March, birth registrations across Scotland were temporarily suspended to allow registrars to prioritise death and still-birth registrations. As set out by the Scottish Government’s route map through and out of the Covid-19 crisis, registration offices will re-open for high-priority tasks from 29 June.

Moray Council is introducing a staggered birth registration system, based on the date of birth of the child. This will help to allocate resources and address the backlog in a controlled and fair way. Dates are set out below:

Child born

Registration commencing from

Before 31 March

29 June

1 April – 30 April

13  July

1 May – 31 May

27 July

1 June – 30 June

10 August

1 July – 31 July

24 August

1 August – 31 August

7 September

1 September onwards

21 September

Most details will be captured over the phone by registrars, with a strict appointment system for face-to-face signing of papers. Social distancing will be observed and residents should not enter the registration office without a valid appointment.

Those looking to register a birth should contact Moray Council’s registration office (01343 554600) to make an appointment in line with the dates set out above. Please do not call the office to make an appointment until your registration commencement date.

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