surface dressing programme

Caution urged as surface dressing programme begins

ROAD users in Moray are being urged to take care over the next eight weeks as 43 miles of roads in the area undergo surface dressing as part of the council’s annual road maintenance programme.

Sections of road which are being dressed will be marked with signs and drivers are urged to keep their speed down to 20mph for their own safety, workforce safety, and to minimise damage to the newly-laid surfaces.

Surface dressing has to be done during the summer months as the process requires warmer road surface temperatures and relatively dry weather. With dozens of miles of rural roads and urban streets in Moray being treated this year, the programme of surface dressing requires significant planning and co-ordination. 

Moray Council’s Roads Maintenance Manager, Mark Atherton, said: “The operation involves the distribution of bitumen followed by an application of chippings which are then rolled into the road surface with the minimum of waste.

“However, some surplus chippings do occur and there is a short period of time before these can be swept away. It’s during this time that flying stone chippings can fly up or create the effect of a slippery road, so we urge caution and encourage drivers to keep their speed well down when passing over a newly-dressed surface, keep a good distance from the vehicle in front and do not attempt to overtake. 

“To avoid damage to the new surface, sudden braking or acceleration should also be avoided. In urban areas pedestrians should avoid any unnecessary walking on the newly-laid dressing and should also check their footwear before entering homes or vehicles.

“We’re grateful to motorists for their co-operation and patience while we carry out these operations, and aim to keep disruption to a minimum.”

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