Council house tenants and contractors encouraged to adhere to latest covid-19 guidance

COUNCIL house tenants in Moray are encouraged to comply with the latest Scottish Government covid-19 guidance whilst contractors are working in their property.

In line with the recently published sector specific guidance, we have taken a number of actions and implemented measures to reduce the transmission of the virus.  We’re encouraging our teams to undertake a lateral flow test before entering tenants’ homes to undertake emergency repairs.  

The guidance also recommends that tenants should undertake a lateral flow test on the day, prior to the contractor visiting their home.  If anyone in the property is self-isolating, our contractors will not enter unless the work required is essential and/or an emergency. 

Our teams will continue to wear a face covering at all times and tenants are encouraged to wear one when engaging with our contractors. Ventilation of the home should also be maximised to allow the circulation of fresh air and our contractors will keep a reasonable distance from individuals within the household.   

Moray Council’s Head of Housing and Property, Edward Thomas, said: “The safety of both our tenants and colleagues is of paramount importance and compliance with the latest guidance will bring additional peace of mind to everyone.

“Following the guidance will limit the risk to both our teams and those living in the property where the work is taking place. We will continue to follow the guidance set out by the Scottish Government to ensure that repairs can be carried out in a timely and safe manner.”

If you believe you have an emergency situation and your property is in immediate need of repair, please get in touch by calling 03457 565 656.

Lateral flow tests can be ordered online here or collected from a mobile testing unit or your local pharmacy. 

More information on the sector specific measures can be found here:

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