Cullen Primary School pupils

Cullen Primary School receives grant from Gwen Mayor Memorial Trust

Cullen Primary School is delighted to be awarded funding of £240 from the Gwen Mayor Memorial Trust to purchase a set of 15 new cycling helmets.

The Gwen Mayor Memorial Trust was established in March 1996 following the tragic events in Dunblane Primary School on 13 March 1996 when the teacher, Gwen Mayor, lost her life along with 16 pupils of the school.

The Trust was established by The Educational Institute of Scotland, the trade union to which Gwen Mayor belonged, but the fund is made up of donations from teachers, teacher trade unions, individuals and other organisations from throughout Britain and beyond.

The Early Stages department at Cullen Primary School has worked hard to implement a highly valued ethos of learning through play. They make daily use of the outdoor environment and regularly visit the local beach, which provides the most beautiful outdoor classroom. 

Cullen Primary School identified a need for encouraging bike riding and skills in pupils and, after a successful plea for second-hand bikes and scooters, the school was left without enough cycling helmets.

Head Teacher, Carene Hay, said: “I’m delighted that our staff took the initiative to apply for the funding so that the children of Cullen can benefit from these essential skills.

“We thank the Gwen Mayor Memorial Trust for granting us the money and now that we have the helmets the children can develop their bike riding skills within the safety of our school grounds. 

“It’s well known that cycling develops gross motor skills in young children whilst providing the opportunity to develop independence and a love of cycling from an early age. Cycling is also free and a great way to help us reduce emissions within our community here in Cullen.”

The school would still welcome donations of second hand bikes and scooters in good condition for ages up to 8 years old and the school office can be contacted with any donations on or 01542 840279.

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