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First postal voting packs issued in Moray West, Nairn and Strathspey

More than 20,355 postal voting packs have been issued to voters in the Moray West, Nairn and Strathspey constituency ahead of the UK Parliament election.

Packs are being issued from today (19 June) and voters are encouraged to complete their postal vote and return it as soon as possible when they arrive through the door.

A second drop of postal voting packs will take place from 26 June.

Postal voters are being urged to return completed postal vote packs as quickly as possible to make sure they’re received in time to be counted.

Moray West, Nairn and Strathspey constituency Returning Officer, Denise Whitworth, said: “We’re seeing an increase in postal votes again for the UK Parliament election so we’ve upped our postal vote processors to match this demand.

“Voters can help by fully and carefully completing their postal votes and returning them as early as possible before polling day on 4 July. Any postal vote packs not received by 10pm on polling day won’t be counted so voters should make every effort to make sure they reach us on time.”

Once completed, the ballot paper and postal vote statement should be placed in the envelope and returned to make sure that it is received in good time. Postal ballot papers must be received by the returning officer by 10pm on Thursday 4 July at the latest. Postal votes can only be returned by Royal Mail, at the polling station or Moray Council’s reception in Elgin.

There are changes to postal voting that have come into force from this General Election including ID verification; maximum time for having a postal vote; and as limit to the number of postal ballot that can handed in. For more information see the Electoral Commission information online.

Voters who applied for a postal vote and don’t think they’ll be home or able to return it by post by Thursday 4 July can drop their completed postal vote pack in to their polling station. A form must be completed when handing it in.

If voters won’t be back in time to use their postal vote, a trusted person can be appointed as a proxy to vote on their behalf. The voter will need to:

  • cancel their postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday 19 June. This will happen automatically when appointing a proxy.
  • make a proxy application by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June.
  • the person appointed as a proxy must:
    • be a registered parliamentary elector who can vote in this election.
    • only be a proxy for up to two electors living in the UK, plus up to two people living abroad, or up to four people living abroad.
  • A proxy can:
    • vote in person on your behalf at your polling station. They will have to show their own accepted form of photo ID to be able to vote or
    • vote by post for you but must apply for a proxy postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday 19 June.

More information is available on Moray Council’s website about the upcoming UK Parliament election, and a step-by-step guide explaining how to complete a postal vote.

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