Marywell Footbridge closure

MARYWELL Footbridge will be closed to pedestrians until further notice.

Moray Council has confirmed the closure of Marywell Footbridge over the River Lossie, after a Structural Engineer assessed the bridge and deemed it to be unsafe for use.  The bridge had been closed after it suffered vandalism in September, and a temporary repair was put in place to allow the reopening of the bridge. 

The bridge has suffered further vandalism and will now be closed on a longer-term basis while options are considered.  Fencing has been placed at both ends of the bridge to stop the public from using it and we would urge people to refrain from climbing or attempting to access the bridge. 

Alternative access to and from Morriston playing fields can be made using the Old Mills Cycle Bridge which is approximately 75m to the west of Marywell Footbridge.

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