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Moray candidates for Scottish Parliament election

Five candidates will contest the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary election on 6 May 2021 for the Moray constituency.

Nominations closed at 4pm today (Wednesday 31 March 2021) and the candidates are:

EAGLE, Tim                          Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party

KIRBY, Jo                              Scottish Labour Party

LOCHHEAD, Richard           Scottish National Party (SNP)

RITCHIE, Sheila Ewan         Scottish Liberal Democrats

STEPHENSON, Robert        UK Independence Party (UKIP)

The notice of poll, notice of election agents and notice of situation of polling places will shortly be available on our website at:

Details of the candidates for the Highlands and Islands region will also be made available in due course and will be posted by the Regional Returning Officer online here.

Polling day is Thursday 6 May when 79 polling places will be in operation across the Moray constituency.

The count will take place at Moray Sports Centre, in Elgin, on Friday 7 May.

Voters have until Monday 19 April to register but existing registered voters need not reapply.

The deadline for applications for postal votes and postal proxy votes to be received is 5pm on Tuesday 6 April, however voters are encouraged to get their applications in ahead of the deadline.

16 and 17-year-olds are eligible to vote in the Scottish Parliament Election.

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