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Moray Council and NHS Grampian comment on Covid level for Moray

Moray Council Chief Executive, Roddy Burns, said: “It’s disappointing that we may not be able to move out of level 3 alongside the rest of Scotland next week, but we can still turn this situation around. If we all take up the testing opportunities whether we have extended symptoms or not; isolate when we’re advised to; and get our vaccine we can progress out of the pandemic alongside the rest of the country. But we must be vigilant and use all the mitigations we have available to us. That means staying out of other people’s houses and not hugging our loved ones for a bit longer so we can improve the situation here in Moray.

“We’ve already heard from businesses and the tourism sector in Moray that they’re seeing the impact of us having such high covid case numbers compared to the rest of Scotland – we owe it to them, and our NHS colleagues, to take responsibility for our own actions and do as we’re asked. Community transmission means we all have the power to stop the spread, we need to step up and accept the responsibility that goes along with it.”

Deputy Director of Public Health for NHS Grampian, Chris Littlejohn, said: "While disappointing that Moray may not be able to move with the rest of the country next week, we have been delighted with the community response to our request for increased testing and we are continuing to ask that people continue to comply with the regulations and rules.   

“If the community continues to do the right things, level two won’t be far away. We are pleased to say there has been enormous interest in the accelerated vaccination programme for Moray - we would ask people to be patient with us and, wherever possible, make every effort to attend the appointment made for them.  

“We’ve also seen many people take up the enhanced testing offers – finding the virus and getting those with it to isolate, even if asymptomatic, really is the way we beat it and get Moray back on a level-footing with the rest of the country. 

“With the extra vaccinations, testing and people sticking by the guidelines Moray will very soon be heading in the right direction and I’d thank each and every person who is playing their part in protecting Moray.  

“Please stay patient, we need people to continue to do the right thing and stick with the guidelines. Things aren’t going to improve overnight, there is a lag between exposure, incubation and symptoms, but we hope that all of these measures will result in an improving picture in the next 10-14 days.” 

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