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Moray Council budget decisions being made for 2024/25

Moray Council has begun setting out its vision for the 2024/25 budget.

Using feedback from the first phase of engagement with residents in September this year, elected members have been meeting to flesh out the details of next year’s council budget.

With the backdrop of £15m of reductions to find over the next two years, the local authority has announced the first of its decisions to increase charges, reduce services or change how services are delivered in Moray.

Over 2,300 responses were received for the initial survey. Over 1,500 people completed the survey in full with 60% of participants willing to see increased charges to avoid service reduction. And 43% of them agreed a moderate to significant increase was acceptable.

A further phase of engagement will take place from week beginning 30 October on other service specific proposals with details to follow.

Decisions made to date will save just over £2.7m and alongside an increase in cost of garden waste permits includes:

  • Ø An uplift in charges to fully recover the cost for the burials service, saving £165,000 a year. As supported by 65% of survey respondents.
  • Ø Withdrawing from the school catering Food for Life scheme, saving £70,000 a year. Just under 55% of survey respondents supported a reduction in this service.
  • Ø Introducing dynamic pricing in schools to respond to market trends, keeping the cost of a meal within the free school meal allowance but saving £5,000 a year. Just over 60% of survey respondents supported this action.
  • Ø Reduction in street lighting maintenance due to the introduction of LED lights resulting in less faults being reported, will save £25,000 in the first year. Just under 40% of survey respondents supported some reduction in this service.

While none of these changes impact the workforce, a number of proposals have been discussed that could see a reduction of 24 posts, five of which are currently vacant.

A consultation is taking place with employees potentially impacted and will be reported back to full council in December to inform elected members ahead of any further decisions being made.

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