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Moray Council sets 2024/25 charges for services

Moray Council has set its charges for services for 2024/25.

Following the decision in December 2023 to set the default increase of charges for 2024/25 to 5.7%, elected members have agreed variations to some services where that is not practical or representative of full cost recovery.

The figures agreed are only for charges within the council’s control, some charges are set or calculated by law or limited by law. Council tax will be discussed at a future meeting of the council.

The full list of changes to service charges will be available online and include the introduction of a visitor membership for the FitLife? scheme.

There will also be an increase for copies of planning documents and building warrants; school meals by 5p making it £2.45 for P6 and P7 meals; bulky household waste will rise by £3.20 to £32 for up to five large items; recycling centre passes will become £300; admin fees for large and major scale events will be £250; a replacement library card will cost £1.50 while a duplicate bus pass will be £15, the first increase since 2018 for bus passes.

Harbours will see various changes, including a fee for cruise ships, should they include Moray on their itineraries, as well as new charges for trailers and vessel moving equipment, hire of forklift and operator and attendance of staff outside normal working hours.

The pest control service will end from 1 April 2024 as part of the council’s drive to save around £15m over the next two years. Further discussions have to take place on the wider council budget savings.

Leader of Moray Council, Cllr Kathleen Robertson, said: “Our Charging for Services Policy assumes a default position of full cost recovery, recognising that there will be exceptions to that rule. As our costs continue to rise, so must our charges in order to adopt a sustainable budget position in the future. There’s never an easy time for change but I hope residents will appreciate that we’re looking at all options available to us to ensure financial prudence.”

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