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Moray Council to set Empty Property Rates relief

Moray Council has agreed its local plan for Empty Property Rates relief, following responsibility being handed to local authorities.

The devolution, by the Scottish Government, of responsibility for setting the policy gives an opportunity to incentivise property owners to bring vacant premises back into use.

Reliefs available to ratepayers for empty non-domestic properties were previously set by the Scottish Government. Reliefs available to ratepayers of occupied properties will continue to be set by the Scottish Government.

While there are minimal changes to the existing policy for the 2023/24 financial year, a revised policy, which actively incentivises the reuse of empty property, will be drafted following consultation with ratepayers and stakeholders.

In 2023-24, the local authority will not award Empty Property Rates relief to the 67 shooting rights currently receiving relief, bringing an additional £44,000 in income to the council.

Corporate Committee Chair, Bridget Mustard, said: “Clearly there was limited time to introduce a new policy for rates relief this year. For continuity it’s the most sensible option to continue with an interim policy in much the same vein as the national Government one.

“However, this delegation of control to Moray Council gives us a fantastic opportunity to target relief better to encourage property owners to get their empty premises back into use. That can only be a good thing for our towns around Moray.”

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