Newly Qualified Teachers starting in Moray schools this year stand in a crowd with Vivienne Cross, Head of Education, in the middle - they are all waving at the camera. They are in a school hall with a clock on the wall behind, a red curtain is open and a table with paper and water bottles is front bottom right.

New start for 57 newly qualified teachers in Moray

This year’s cohort of newly qualified teachers (NQTs) have arrived in Moray ready for their new term.

Spread across the school estate and in a variety of subjects, Moray has welcomed 39 primary and 18 secondary teachers starting out on their teaching career this year.

From the 2022/23 year, more than 40 NQTs have stayed in posts in Moray in a variety of roles from part-time, full-time, temporary and supply.

Moray Council’s Chief Education Officer, Vivienne Cross, said: “The start of a new term is always exciting and welcoming our 57 newly qualified teachers adds to the occasion. I know they’re prepared for the hard work ahead of them and I look forward to seeing them develop as teachers during their time with us this year. Starting a new career can feel like a daunting prospect but I know how welcoming our school staff are and am confident they’ll all settle in quickly.

“As always, we have a number of last year’s NQTs staying on with us in various roles and it’s great to see them make Moray their home on a longer term basis.

“I wish all new and existing teachers the very best for the academic year ahead, I look forward to continuing to support them as we guide our young people through their next year of schooling.”

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