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Poll card letters issued for UK Parliament election

Poll card letters for the UK Parliamentary election are being issued to voters in Moray West, Nairn and Strathspey this week.

The notice of election was posted on Moray Council’s website on Friday 31 May, triggering the pre-election period.

Now, thousands of poll card letters are dropping on doormats of registered voters across the area, ahead of the election on 4 July.

Poll cards have a new look this year and will come as a letter so that electors have all the information needed about the new arrangements for UK parliamentary elections, like a reminder to bring ID for this election. Just bring the poll card letter along to the polling station to vote as normal.

Voters must bring an accepted form of ID to vote in person and are encouraged to apply for an a Voter Authority Certificate by Wednesday 26 June if they don’t already have an accepted form of ID.

Every voter will be offered the use of a pencil when they enter the polling station. Those wishing to use a pen should bring their own as these will not be supplied.

The deadline for registering to vote is Tuesday 18 June, and Wednesday 19 June for registered voters applying for, or makes changes to, a postal or postal proxy vote registration.

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