More than 2,000 Moray pupils receive exam results today

Raising attainment in Moray schools

Actions to raise standards and achievement in literacy and numeracy in Moray schools were presented to Moray Council’s Education, Children’s and Leisure Services Committee meeting today (Wednesday 25 January).

The council’s Education Service is working through a detailed improvement programme with schools to support progress in attainment and boost educational outcomes for all children and young people.

Improvement plans containing key actions and interventions have been informed by learning from another difficult year for the education system.  Schools report the ongoing legacy impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on learner attendance, engagement in learning and behaviours.

Committee members scrutinised schools data collected in June 2022 and published in December in the Scottish Government’s Achieving Curriculum for Excellence levels (ACEL) at P1, P4, P7 and S3 report, which highlighted areas of underperformance.

While Moray Primary data was below national averages overall, year to year improvement (2020/2021 to 2021/2022) was noted. This included P1 Writing, P4 Writing and Numeracy, and P7 Listening and Talking, Reading, Writing and Numeracy.

Secondary data was also below national averages overall, although compared to the most recent data published for 2018/2019, improvement was notably higher in S3 at 4th level Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking, Literacy (overall).

Chair of the Education, Children’s and Leisure Services Committee, Councillor Kathleen Robertson, said: “Raising attainment remains a priority and we are committed to achieving equity and excellence for all Moray’s children and young people.

“We also recognise and celebrate the work schools are undertaking in partnership with learners and families to improve outcomes and support all youngsters to achieve their full potential.”

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