School catering staff volunteer with Moray Food Plus to help feed local communities: Catering assistant Marie Fraser

01 May 2020

School catering staff volunteer with Moray Food Plus to help feed local communities

SCHOOL catering staff in Moray have been volunteering in kitchens to help feed the local community.

From Monday this week, eight catering assistants are volunteering to work in the kitchen at Lhanbryde Community Centre. They are supporting Moray Food Plus in their project to feed vulnerable local residents, with 200 meals made and delivered each week.

Catering assistants are volunteering three days a week, on a rota basis, getting involved with everything from the prepping of food to packaging and labelling. Then, the packaged meals are collected and distributed by Moray Council’s Community Justice team to residents in Buckie, Lossiemouth, Aberlour and Lhanbryde.

Project Manager for Moray Food Plus, Mairi McCallum, said: “We are delighted that Moray Council school catering staff are joining our team of volunteers, bringing their skills and knowledge to help in the preparation of meals for the Moray community. This will help us deal with the increase in demand and ensure more people are supported.”

Moray Council’s Catering Manager, Elaine McRae, said: “When Moray Food Plus asked for volunteers, we were happy to get involved. Our dedicated colleagues are rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in – whatever it takes to support those in our community who need us.”

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