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School inspection report for Lhanbryde Primary School released

The staff team and children of Lhanbryde Primary School have been praised by inspectors from Education Scotland for creating positive and trusting relationships across the school.

In the inspection report published today (Tuesday 21 November) the collaborative staff team were commended for their careful consideration of the strengths and needs of children in their classrooms.

The report goes on to praise the welcoming, respectful and caring nature of the children and the positive, trusting relationships across the school community that support children to feel a strong sense of belonging.

The inspectors also identified areas for improvement, including senior leaders and staff working together to improve the progress and attainment of all children and ensuring there’s equitable opportunities to participate in wider achievement activities.

Education Scotland grade according to a six-point scale of excellent, very good, satisfactory, weak, and unsatisfactory. Of the four areas of performance evaluated in Lhanbryde Primary School, the inspectors ranked one as ‘good’, two as ‘satisfactory’ and one as ‘weak’.

Due to the time between the inspection in May and publication of the report, actions have already been addressed and further work is underway to support improvement in the areas identified.

Moray Council’s Chief Education Officer, Vivienne Cross, said: “We’ll continue to work with the school through improvement action planning as required, building on the many strengths identified by Education Scotland with central officers supporting improvements.”

Lhanbryde Primary’s Head Teacher, Gillian Ross, added: “While there’s improvements that need to be made, and are currently being addressed, I am still incredibly proud of the entire staff body and children who help make Lhanbryde Primary School such a positive and welcoming environment.”

The full inspection report can be found on the Education Scotland website.

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