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Moray Council reinstates contract with NHS Speech and Language specialists to support children and young people with complex issues

Moray Council is reinstating a contract with NHS Speech and Language (Paediatric) Team (SALT) to deliver support for children and young people identified as having complex needs which are affecting communication.

Children and young people who meet the criteria for co-ordinated support plans will be prioritised under a reinstated contract with the NHS Speech and Language Team (SALT).

Moray Council is also moving to seek a 20-day contract with The CALL Centre Edinburgh, a national service through which two specialists and a speech and language therapist will work with identified schools in the Moray area.

Furthermore, within the existing budget, approximately £30,000 will be allocated to create a post for a Pupil Support Worker who will ensure programmes and resources are in place following input from SALT and CALL.

It was all agreed at the Tuesday (19 September) meeting of the Council’s Education, Children’s and Leisure Services Committee.

Chair of the Education, Children’s and Leisure Services Committee, Kathleen Robertson, welcomed the decision.

“We continue to experience high demand for this crucial specialist provision and we are committed to investing in this area to support children, young people and their parents and carers all across Moray.”

Historically, Moray Council was supported by SALT but the contract was interrupted by COVID and by a staffing crisis, experienced by NHS colleagues.

Since then, a variety of support packages have been used to support children and young people with complex needs affecting their communication.

Then in May, SALT managers reported a readiness to consider reinstating the contract, with a phased input.

Children and young people requiring specialist provision were identified using a scoping exercise which was completed in conjunction with Council officers and SALT.

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